Fine Tune Your Social Media Notifications

Fine Tune Your Social Media Notifications

Fine Tune Your Social Media Notifications

Hands up if you feel you never have enough hours in the day to get everything done? We’re too busy in our daily lives to be distracted with constant interruptions. But this is what social media can do if we aren’t careful. All those pings and pop-ups are continually demanding attention, dragging you away from what you should be doing. So how can you cut it all back?


Facebook can be a complete time suck – One of your friends posts about what she just had for dinner, and you feel the urge to click the like button. Then you decide to comment because she’s recently commented on one of your posts. Suddenly, you begin to get a stream of notifications as everyone else does the same.

But you don’t have to! For starters, you can opt-out of notifications right after you left your comment. There are three small dots – click them and find all of the options Facebook offers. Choose “Turn off Notifications”. You will also find an “Unfollow” option. Only choose it if you don’t care to see anything that particular friend posts. You can still visit her personal Facebook page and see how she is doing, but her updates won’t appear on your feed.

When you unfollow someone – this isn’t as severe as unfriending them but helps to cut back on the notification noise. They won’t know they have been unfollowed by you. If you have friends who rant about politics or things you disagree with too often for example, use the unfollow option, so you don’t see them in your News Feed but are still friends with them.


Twitter is a high-speed content platform, and that means notifications can sound like you have a slot machine in your pocket with all the pings. But you can filter notifications on the platform in three ways:

Quality filter – this turns off lower-quality content such as duplicate or automated tweets but not from people you have interacted with

Mute notifications – you can turn this on for words or phrases you want to avoid seeing (like those political rants if that’s not your thing)

Advanced filters – these give you even greater control about what types of content appear and lets you fine-tune your notifications

You can also turn off notifications on your mobile in the ‘Settings and Privacy’ section.


One of the biggest attention-grabbers on Instagram are push notifications when someone likes or comments on your post. But you don’t have to have these turned on. You can decide to check these comments when the timing suits you. Go to your profile and tap the three-line hamburger menu then the Settings icon. Go to notifications and adjust the settings.

You can also turn notifications on or off for someone you follow by going to their profile then Following > Notifications. Turn it off, and you won’t get notified when they post something new. But you will still follow them and can check their profile any time you like!

Update- Instagram recently began rolling out a test to hide likes on posts in 7 countries. It's unclear at this time whether it will also eliminate the "like” notification but it probably will. The owner of the account will be able to see likes but the followers will not.

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Fine Tune Your Social Media Notifications
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