Is Someone Else Using your Facebook Page?

Is Someone Else Using your Facebook

Is Someone Else Using your Facebook Page?
Ready To Do a Facebook Cleanup?

We often hear people complaining that their Facebook page has been hacked and changing their password did not help. Is someone else using your Facebook page? Clean things up, to be certain. When you are ready to do a Facebook cleanup, we recommend you log into your account from a computer, not your phone. Although your phone is convenient, you may not be seeing all the tools Facebook has to offer. In your settings tab, click “Security and Login” and log out of all devices besides the one you are using.

It’s likely you have not actually been hacked.

Chances are, you have an app or two attached to your Facebook account that has been compromised. You should remove any apps you are not familiar with or not using. Better yet, remove all your apps except the ones you use for Facebook Business Page tools or games you play.
Your Facebook App Settings can be found under your general Settings. Open that up and take a look. You will be surprised what you see! You may have clicked an article that a friend posted and you unknowingly gave that site permission to add an app. Do you like to take quizzes? Play a few games? Then it is definitely time to clean up your apps.
When you’re done, log back in and recheck your Security and Login. The only device being used should be the one you are using. Make sure to recheck your apps to ensure none of them repopulated.

Still having troubles?

It may be a Business tool app or a game app you have kept, but at least you’ve now narrowed it down. You can go online and research or contact the app creators directly to see if they are having problems.
Facebook is a daily ritual for millions of people. If you get a notification to review your settings, don’t ignore it. Let Facebook walk you through the process to ensure you are taking advantage of all updated privacy and safety features, as well as their terms and conditions.

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Is Someone Else Using Your Facebook Page?
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