Optimizing Your Google My Business

Optimizing Your Google My Business

Optimizing Your Google My Business

If you have a local business, optimizing your Google listing is critically important.

Social Media Managers are not necessarily strategists. You may have hired someone to Tweet for you and post on Instagram and Facebook for your business. Of course, that’s an important position. Social media platforms are a great way to lure people from those sites and onto your website.

If you study your past customers, there's no doubt that your best customer is a referral. These are people who are referred to you by someone else – a former customer, a current customer, another business. Very often, social media is a way to get referrals with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter being ideal for this. However, there is another way to get referrals, and that's from Google.

Particularly for local businesses, Google My Business is an important part of your strategy to get customers. Furthermore, it is just as important if not more than other social media platforms. That's because the listing in Google is about local search – and there are 40,000 search queries every second. By utilizing your Google My Business page, your company will grab a slice of those search results.

A Social Media Strategist Lets No Stone Go Unturned.

They will use every possible platform to increase your brand awareness. In fact, posting daily updates and photos to your Google listing is crucial because Google owns it. In search, your account can be shown above all other online platforms, including your website.

Why does this matter?

The stats show why this is important.

Aside from those 40,000 searches, 4 out of 5 customers use search engines to find a local business. Furthermore, nearly three-quarters of people make a purchase after they search online. So having multiple ways to grab that search traffic is vital. Additionally, while you might get referrals from other social media platforms, most of the time, people go there to be social, not always to find a business.

It is worth noting that Google My Business is different from Google listings and the old Google Plus. Specifically, it is the place to manage and update your business information and to have a dedicated business profile. It is what is needed to increase your chances of showing up in search. Also, because it is Google's project, there's a chance they favor it.

Grab that search traffic

Optimizing your Google My Business is something that should be part of your normal marketing routine. It ensures people are finding you in every possible way. Your Google My Business should even be ahead of social media platforms. If you need help with this, or other marketing channels, reach out to chat with The Green Strategy Team today!

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