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Social Media Strategy And Online Reputation Management That Will Take Your Business To The Next Level

Your Business Needs a Social Media Presence

Before making a decision, many shoppers will do an online search to learn more about a business. In other words, they will browse your social media and online presence. At Green Strategy, we will develop a plan that drives those potential customers towards your business.

Maintaining this relationship after the sale is equally important. Social platforms have gone a long way towards removing barriers between companies and their customers. In fact, instead of calling, many people turn to Facebook,Twitter, and other platforms to solve problems or find information.

Social media presence is an essential piece of a successful business marketing strategy. Therefore, it’s important to remember that online platforms and review sites do not have the same business hours as you do. Also, your current and potential customers aren’t limited to regular business hours when shopping and browsing online.

Karyn Green. Founder. Green Strategy ORM

Karyn Green

Founder / Chief Strategist
Green Strategy ORM

Social Media Strategy

We will:

Optimize your post scheduling, utilizing engaging content across all social media platforms applicable to your business.

Make it easier for potential customers to find you.

Help you build relationships with customers and potential customers.

Manage review sites, monitoring comments and coordinating with you to ensure appropriate responses.

Keep your Online Presence fresh & relevant.

Monitor social media and review sites for negative comments and help you to address them promptly and directly.

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